Welcome to the NAPLV Sanctuary

The Sanctuary "Our Friends for Life" in Marrakech, a wonderful place to live on 7 hectares to collect, take care of, and pamper abandoned, abused and injured hairy animals.

Every day Julia, the founder since 2020, with her team, responds to alerts in order to save and recover dying, sick and tortured dogs and horses and to offer them food, shelter and care until they are adopted.

Our objectives: Eradicate Rabies in Marrakech and control the dog population through TNVR (Sterilize, Vaccinate, Identify, Release).

With no government subsidies or help from foundations, we need your support to save souls in distress and feed our pack of 140 dogs. 

What we do

About us

Our association rents a piece of land on the outskirts of Marrakech allowing us to create a sanctuary where our rescued and collected dogs (more than 100), our horses, in complete freedom, find confidence and love before finding a family for life.

TNVR - Treat, Sterilize, Vaccinate, Identify

We need your donations to feed all those beautiful souls who come to find refuge in our sanctuary.


Our volunteers can accompany us, give their time, a lot of love and help us in the social education for all our protégés. Come and help us, we are waiting for you with joy.

Save the animals

With your help, we rescue injured street animals and sterilize them en masse to manage the dog population in Marrakech.

Medical care

We need your donations to take care of these animals again and again to save them from certain death in horrible conditions.

Need your love and help

Adopt me (4/140)


Female / 2 years old - Once connected to Bouclette you will not be able to detach yourself from her .She is cuddly and adorable !


Female / 2 years old - Maya looks like a little fox, she is a sweet, discreet and adorable dog.


The beautiful Tina has a golden character. She was mistreated but quickly forgave the human. Sparkling, beautiful, obedient she has everything to please. 


A faithful companion, intelligent, playful, always in a good mood, sociable, adorable, Zitoun is a love of dog. 

Children and animals

School day

We attach a lot of importance to educating children about the perception of the animal world and in particular the street dogs that are part of their daily life. We focus on making them aware of a positive behavior with them.

Every Tuesday: 3pm-5pm - School discovery of the Douar classes in the outskirts of Marrakech

Need more info

Contact us

If you would like to adopt an animal, visit the sanctuary, become a volunteer or make a donation, contact us by e-mail or on our social networks. 

About us

"Our friends for life" are happy to welcome you on their website and wish you a great day.

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"Nos Amis pour la Vie" Official Moroccan Association for the Defense of Animals N°3111 - Maison des Associations Avenue Essaouira - 40130 Menara Marrakech
"Nos Amis pour la Vie EUROPE" French association law 1901 of defense of the Animals N° RNA : W751267686 and N° SIRET : 921 842 795 00012 - Headquarters : 198 Rue de Charenton 75012 PARIS